Jingle FAQ



Do advertising jingles really work?    Abolutely. For some reassuring research on why, CLICK HERE. If you already know , read on.

How much does a JYNGLZ Jingle cost?   Standard options, costs and terms are below. Our pricing structure is tiered, so you can start with a Basic Package and add only those options you need. We also offer a $100 discount for those who use a full Package. Rates are all inclusive. You will never pay renewal, lease or usage fees because our rates include an exclusive buyout license for your entire Nielsen Designated Market Area (DMA).


Several approaches for approval. Vocal, single instrument, rhythm. Buyout included upon project completion.




PACKAGE (Radio Commercials)



Finished vocal, background, full instrumentation based on approved concept demo




Basic Package  


Additional Services


For 60 & 30 Sec spots or Music on Hold



For 60 & 30 Sec spots or Music on Hold



Version with donut for company information or future VO



Package Discount  (Less $100) 



How do I get started?   Feel free to browse the site and email us with specific questions. Listen to our samples to get a feel for our creative personality.

If you're interested, use our CONTACT page to profile your project or send a detailed email to describe your needs.  We’ll respond with an estimate.

When you approve the estimate, we schedule conference call for a kick-off discussion.  A 50% deposit against your concept demo is required at this time.

How do you work with clients?   We look for the right vocal and musical personality for your project to capture the client’s image and marketing message most effectively. We may email ideas, to keep you tuned in to our creative direction.    

A Concept demo mp3 with a few approaches will be emailed for review. Once a concept is approved, any necessary changes are made and we go into production and final mix down. (50% of the estimate balance is due at this time.)

A pre-master copy of the final mix down will be available for review and final approval.  Once approved a fully mastered CD with various mixes per our Basic Package or individual specifications is shipped. (Final payment is due at this time).

How long does it take to produce a JYNGLZ jingle?  Typically, about ten working days. 

Where can I use the jingle?  Each jingle is licensed exclusively for your primary market. (Neilson DMA)  No one else in that market can use the jingle. You are free to use the jingle on any radio, television or cable station; on your ‘message on hold system’ and Internet site.  

How long do I have the rights to use the jingle?  Forever ...there are no annual renewal fees.  

Where are JYNGLZ jingles produced?  All jingles are produced in house on state of the art digital multitrack recording technology.  

What if I need a voice-over?  See our Rate page for copy and talent pricing. We will work with you to cast the right voice for your spot.              

How do I pay JYNGLZ ?   Payments can be made by company check or through PayPal. A PayPal link will be provided. A 50% deposit is against your Concept Demo is required to begin all projects. Once the demo is approved 50% of the estimate balance is due to begin full production. Remaining balance is due upon delivery of full mix CD masters.  Deposits are not refundable but will be applied to your account as a credit against future work.                                                             

What are your credentials?   JYNGLZ is staffed by marketing and ad agency professionals, copywriters, songwriters, musicians and engineers with over 20 year’s experience. Our staff has won numerous advertising creative awards on a regional and national level. We know what you need, and how to get it to you in an affordable way without hassle or hot air. We'll be glad to furnish references if necessary.

I don't need to produce a spot or jingle right now, but would like your opinion.  We are available on a consultant basis to be another set of ears and eyes for existing projects or new ones coming down the road. Let us know your requirements and we'll estimate a fee schedule.